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Originally Posted by n00b-E View Post
Why? All you are doing is fitting into the laws around you - the same as you would be doing in any other country.

No, not mine. But I don't now either, even when my firearms aren't close at hand. I do like for my wife to have the ability to protect herself with her pistol, seeing as shes more likely to be targeted than me, especially by rapists.
But are you living in fear all the time (I don't)? If so, wouldn't it be better to live somewhere 'nicer'? Wouldn't that help your concern for your wife?

My ability to choose to arm myself and my wife would be curtailed.....although on closer examination I should probably feel a little more uneasy if I were over there, seeing as your violent crime rate is ridiculously high.
I'm willing to bet that the crime rate in the area I live in is absolutely nowhere near the level that you guys seem to suggest happens where you are (and also that you seem to think happens everywhere in the UK).

Well... I did lose a couple of rusty tools from my (opened) garage about 10 years ago. And we did have police shoot an armed bank robber (the gang came down from London) about 8 years ago. The only shooting ever - in the 63 years that I have lived in and around the area (it made International news! My sister-in-law heard about it in NZ. That's how astounding it was!)
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