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I have to say that I'm almost at breaking point my my stupid as3x brick.

1. It took me hours to install the programming software on win7, stupid drivers wouldnt attach to it.

2. After programing it I have lost the AS3X function, not one of the 3 gyros work anymore. I cant even revert back to the factory settings. I have tried every model config setup but still no as3x.

3. I just found out you cant run dual ailerons, in such a way that they work as flaps too. Well you can get them to work but the gyros only on 1 aileron.

4. there is no ch1 output for BL ESCs, you have to use a different ch and mix it to the throttle. This sucks up a ch and a mix setting.

Im disappointed with HH on this one, for such a prestigious company they sure didnt think the as3x programming through

Edit: I got my AS3X to function again. Because Im in germany on a german computer the region was set to germany, duh! In the german numerical system they use ',' instead of '.', this somehow corrupted the model config files, so I had to change the region to Australia where full stops are full stops and commas are commas. After reprogramming it under the australian region the AS3X now works again

EDITED AGAIN: I just got the dual ailerons to work too both have as3x and both act as flaps I activated dual ailerons on my DX6i and on the brick
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