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Originally Posted by madsci_guy View Post
The documentation involved in building a 747 weighs more than the aircraft itself. Millions of pages involved.

I would suspect you might be correct.
and a 787 could be even more!

I was once a Get r' Dun guy...
now I'm an armchair kommando....and at the salary they are pulling down, I'll bet I could have generated that level of paperwork... lol

Yet this brings up an interesting point...
The frequent claim of 'pilot error'.

As the captain of the ship, the pilot is responsible for everything about it when he takes the wheel... I might think he would have to know details about all the systems composing his craft. Especially with lives on the line. in RC land, we KNOW LiPo batteries are treacherous...
(and, yes, apparently they were Lithium Ion bats in the 787)

A question might be, if one of us was the commander of a 787, would we fly it with that system aboard?

...I am a marginal small boat skipper.. I would NOT undertake the responsibility of a passenger aircraft !

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