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Originally Posted by av8rlew View Post
Hey Wayne, the places we use to fly with Hobie are all gone, strands in Dana Point turned into a big housing project that has failed but they flattened the hill and Salt Creek which is now the site of the falling off the cliff Ritz Carlton both places were never legal to fly at and constantly had to hack up the fence to crawl through just to fly, the police would show up every now and then and tell us to leave but that was it.

check out this Hobie Hawk commercial he's flying at Salt Creek
This video doesn't get old. I flew a HH for many years. Such a unique flying plane which is seen in this video. Can't put my finger on it but there is a tendency, much like a dutch roll, but more like a "rocking" back and forth that you don't notice it until you fly it. I still have my original one I got back in 1974. I also have a newer one that I got back in the '90s from a good friend of mine.

After seeing this again I get the urge to get it out and to fly it. It IS a fun plane to fly for a RE only ship.

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