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Originally Posted by RC Man View Post
From reading all most of the forums I think that there are two things you should do when you get a new Talon.

1. Open up the case and check the solder joints on the output connectors. There have been some that have come loose due to bad solder joint. Give a good tug to make sure itís solid and has plenty of solder.

2. Add a second connector that uses heavy-duty wire.

Most everyone that is using the internal BEC adds a second power connector.

I don't have this ESC, but I am not sure if you can see a bad solder joint. I think simply plugging on a wired connector and doing a little modest tug to see if it is ok is sufficient.

With regards to brownouts, they can be caused by two things, a low current capability BEC simply turning off (lowering its voltage ouput to limit current) when the current draw is excessive, and secondly a voltage drop across the RC connector when your servo's spike the current.

I believe running the voltage at 6V and keeping it there will keep those voltage drops due to the spikes above the reboot voltage level.

In other words, in most reasonable cases, where the average current draw is in the 5A or less range (which I bet is typical of almost applications), there probably is no issue with the connector at all.

If on the other hand you want to light up a 6V 10A lightbulb, then yes, soldering a second pigtailed connector on is a good idea. At that point I would simply consider an external BEC that comes with two connectors.
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