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with the cold weather hitting and having to get some kits painted I finally made a paint booth. I did a very crude job to just fulfill a specific large order but it worked out surprisingly well and with a tweak or two will become a long term solution.

Our house has a 45 degree offset attached garage which gives our basement a weird corner with 45 degree walls. I decided to put my booth in there and hung dropcloths on the wall and fully surrounding the area. I had a large 30"x40"x24" box I got some EPP in that I decided to use. I got a 20"x20" furnace filter at WalMart and cut an 18x18 hole in the bottom to attach it. Since I didn't know how effective it would be, I just duct taped it in place (this will be upgraded to a frame that they can be slid into and out of for replacements) Behind the filter I put a 20" square box fan sucking air though the filter and out into the corner. I duct taped the fan in place also to create a good seal. This will get upgraded also. My painting is with a fan detail brush through stencils mostly and what I have found is the exhaust pressure of the box works very well to suck the overspray into the filter and I am seeing no paint on the dropcloths behind it. I am using water-based Createx so there is no fire hazard from the fumes so this works very well for me. I don't think I would use it with anything with flammable fumes. I think the furnace filter was $6-8 and the box fan was one that needed replacing cosmetically from the bedroom so total cost of this experiment was really minimal. I know there has been discussions here about having a booth area, this seems like a very viable, quick and dirty solution

Picture 1: This is the paint booth sitting on a workmate pointed into the corner with dropcloths tacked to the ceiling

Picture 2: This shows the lighting I put in so I can see what I am doing. I might cut windows into the box and add side lighting but for the most part I paint in FRONT of the booth and there is enough inflow to collect the overspray
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