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Originally Posted by rusty case View Post
and a residence is just as complicated as an aircraft.
Uh, no.You are very much incorrect. A Commercial aircraft has many thousands of parts, involving many hundreds of complicated systems.

Your basic residence has maybe ten systems, at most. And only a few are considered critical. On a commercial aircraft, many systems are flight critical.

So for your house:

Stove. (And I'm being generous calling a stove a "system").
Air conditioning

What was asked, was if you had participated in any formal investigations to determine the causes of a mishap, say like a building collapsing. The result would have been something like a couple of hundred pages of analysis, involving stress factors, materials, workmanship etc, basically any and all factors that might have contributed to a mishap, and would have included recommendations as to how to prevent a further mishap.

Here's a typical example
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