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Originally Posted by WhirlyBits View Post
This is the thread for me, Ren!

This way I don't "spam" the main A5 forum...

I'll have my PKZ5880 real soon. I can buy it any time I like, I just want my CC billing cycles to "mesh" so I'll pull the handle near week's end, most likely.
I've got the part number for the BNF memorized - sure sign of addiction - so you know I'm a 'goner!' I could use an extra AR600 Rx that comes with this particular combo, and will resist the urge to swap the Power 10 and 40A ESC from my PZ T-28 in there. It seems like it's quite adequate with the 960kV 480 provided the prop is installed with the numbers in front. Lol!
LOVE that T-28, which is why I'm confident in the A5's (similar) performance.
And.....WATER too!!!

This plane will be my go-to everything plane, from all I've learned so far - and the way I like to fly.

We have some 'nappy' water here in DFW area too, but not so muddy.
Maybe a little paint in your case? I love this Z-foam! Easy to paint, CA, gorilla-glue, etc.

All I can think about is getting the A5!!!
I'm in uncharted terrain, here, with this hobby (been in it for about 3 years now).

CAVU, my friend, and keep the noisy bits in the back and right-side up!

If you come up with a de-stain solution (cleaning or painting) I'd like to hear about it.
Welcome to the Betty Ford Center for the Icon A5 afflicted! I'm still trying to read through the main PZ Icon post. Much good info there.

When it comes to amphibian aircraft, the Icon stands head and shoulders above the competition. Just like that line from the old James Bond film/song, "Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest."

Lake muck comes off the foam with a spritz of Fantastic or 409. Not as fun as flying, but it's a bonding experience.

You're in for a treat, my friend. Keep us posted!!

P.S. A spare room is helpful.
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