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Isoprop, thanks for reply. I did the procedure of replacement as described on the site given above. Desolder with pro. solder station and accessories necessary for that kind of job. By the way i have daily work with the PCB`s on my job, and a lot of manual solder/desolder needed. So i think that kind of work was properly done, but never know - we`re only human, so mistakes allways possible . Regarding valid dump - it`s a great chance that the dump is not right one, tomorow when i go to work if there will be some free time i will use company profesional equipment and do some measurements... also remove ribbon cable and give it a try, and when pluged into USB there is no even so small indication of any activity, no blink of a LED, no PC status of a new device,... nothing at all. So tomorow if any free time, new measurements, for now i will paste some images of a module and those 4 pads for RX-TX levels...

NOTE to others: This is about the original #11 with the soldered lens module.

Unfortunately I can't remember what happens when the ribbon cable is removed, but I remember I had a terrible struggle to remove the cable from one of my cameras since the cable was additionally glued to the board! Most of the problems with the early #11s was due to a defective ribbon cable / contact, but your problem is different in that your camera suddenly stopped working after the water damage.

If you want, you can send me your dump and I'll try and verify if it's valid. You can also do this yourself if you have the different firmware versions and bootloaders. As you may be aware, the firmware is appended to the bootloader in the SPI dump.

I doubt very much that you will be able to source a spare lens module, and I doubt that an adapter for the new lens modules exists - if it did, that would be more than cool!
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