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Ailerons and Flaps Permanently Attached

Servo Arms Sorted
Well I took a trip to a (gasp!) local hobby store this afternoon after work and picked up some longer Dubro servo arms to fix the aileron servo issue. If I didn't know before I certainly know now why I shop online at HobbyKing! $12 for a part that would cost $2 online. Ah well that's impatience for you... :roll eyes:

Ailerons and Flaps
I installed the flaps a few days ago, but after getting the servo arms, decided to get the ailerons done as well. Some oil on the hinge pins to stop the 30 minute epoxy binding them up, and they slid into position quite well. Once I was sure that there was no stray epoxy on anything, I clamped the ailerons to the flaps to keep everything level while the glue set.

I fitted the new servo arms (ah just right! Goldilocks would be proud), and bent up some control rods and attached the servos to the ailerons while they were clamped level. This made things very easy, and I recommend it to reduce the fiddly factor.

The ailerons and flaps move very freely with no binding at all, so I am very happy. Just for the hell of it, I videoed the control surfaces in motion.

Flaps and Ailerons - watch in HD, make my hours of riveting and painting worthwhile!
P47 Ailerons and Flaps (0 min 0 sec)

Oh yeah, and I weathered the panel lines with the airbrush last night when I had a spare 20 minutes... One more step closer!
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