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Originally Posted by BrookR1 View Post
Before I made my decision, I checked out the Bixlers, the Cox offering, and the Superfly X.
honestly, I reckon the bixler is real difficult to go past as a learner plane
stable, docile, cheap, I couldnt tell you how many folk (& kids) I've taught, and known a few who taught themselves to fly on bixlers or their counterparts (sky surfer & ezstar) Pylon pusher prop is the best config for a learner so in the event of a nose in (it happens to all of us lol) pretty much everything survives a crash and can be transplanted
I'm not saying this Walrus is bad to learn on, it also appears to have many of the atributes as the the others, but pusher prop & docile is what is required as a learner plane.

Originally Posted by WitnessOnly View Post
Hi all, maidened mine on the weekend, plenty of sage veterans were watching on ready to offer advice, we added about 20% down ele for the flaps and that was about it, the rest was a pleasure to fly enough acro for fun, handled 15 knots of gusty wind with ease.

Was only going to LOS it firstly, but I ended up putting a quick little FPV rig together at the field and had a little rip around through the goggles, gotta say, this little baby ticked all the boxes, I think you'll find it might become a 'standard' part of the learners journey.

(I think HK were 2 less in the AU W/house by the end of the day )

2 thumbs up at this end
Congrats on your successful maiden
20% elev/flap mix? wow that is a lot... do you slow the bird down before deploying flaps? often folk tend to use flaps as airbrakes which is not what they are actually designed for, so if the plane is flying too fast all planes will balloon, some more than others, but if flown slow enough (before stall heh heh) the ballooning should be minimal. experiment with it... plenty of mistakes high lol which is the great thing having goggs on, you can get to a safe altitude to play with things like flaps

mine is on it's way... how do you think this walrus will be with some power wedged in it? I'm conteplating motor upgrade... cant push my bix any faster without flutter, not interested in copious amounts of strengthening the bix, she goes well enough now as she is, hoping the walrus will be good for a little more "excitement"
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