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Originally Posted by Teamsherman View Post
Tenshock 5200 you say?? Thats why yours seems to pull away and keep pulling away!! They are about $70 at Redstarhobbies, does that sound about right?

Well, the GoPro2 did end up in the bottom of the pool, but the good folks there fished it out before i got there. I took out the battery straight away and when i got home I soaked it in contact cleaner and let it evaporate away then had it in rice for 3 days. This morning I decided to give it a try and lo and behold it bloody well survived!!!! That contact cleaner dilutes any left over water and it just flushes away pretty quickly, then the rice being a desicant, absorbed any left over moisture!! The microphone doesnt work but that was my own fault for being heavy handed when i opened the case. A little soldering job and it should be good to go!!!

As for the quad, it ended up having 2 broken arms and all 4 carbon fibre props busted too. For the sheer velocity that thing gained before it hit the shed im so surprised at the lack of major damage!! The camera gimbal i found in the backyard where the quad was too and it had a servo horn that controls the pitch of the camera platform broken and thats it!! You would think that it said "nope, im not hitting that shed so Im just going to get off here"!! LOL

I got away from that one ever so lucky, i couldnt even imagine how I'd feel if it hit someone!! I have liabilty insurance for my toys but if it hurt or worse killed someone i would never forgive myself. Thats the last time that thing gets flown in suburbia!
Redstar sell the tenshock 5200 cheaper on ebay mate
They recommend to run a 120amp esc with it, i am using a hobbyking 100amp sensored or sensorless esc as i had it already & it works great barely gets warm & it is smaller than the venom esc.
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