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Competitive F5J models

F5J is still a relatively new sport and for that reason its not completely clear as to what sort of model is required to be competitive. I'm interested to know the models that have been used by pilots finishing in the top 5 places at European and USA F5J comps if anyone reading this has some information they want to share.

Here in Australia we have pilots coming at it from two directions.

(i) F3J and open thermal pilots who are converting 3 meter plus gliders originally designed for winches to electric and

(ii) Electric glider pilots who are typically flying open bay models of the pulsar/ava variety

I attended a large open thermal and F3J event at Armidale NSW Australia last weekend and there were no open bay models used in that comp. My point is that after a few years all the top competitors tend to converge on one type of model in any sport. As another model plane example in F5B about 70% of pilots at the last World Champs used one brand of model. Most tennis racquets look the same etc.

Clearly F5J models do not need to be as strong as F3J models. Initially this leads to the thought that the lighter the model the better.

However in either windy or strong thermal conditions the advantages of a bit more wing loading become much more apparent.

My question is whether F5J pilots will tend to converge towards open bay light, or molded models and what the wing span will be?

For my own part, I've already made some bets with a 4 metre molded Maxa and a 3.7 metre molded Egida.
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