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Originally Posted by Mike_Then View Post
...and that's the EXACT reason why I went away from NiMH packs in my Futaba 10CHG and went with a 9.9v 2200 mAh LiFePO4 pack.
My NiMH are 2300mAh ... so I have more capacity than you.

No wall-wart chargers to dig out from who-knows-where,
an I have some of those cells please ... seems from this comment - they charge themselves ? or maybe they just pick up electrons from the surrounding air ? My chargers sit on a purpose laid out shelf behind my desk ... I put Tx back on shelf ... charge plug is right there same place. That's true for all my Tx's

no having to remember to charge the night before,
I spend weeks away from home on assignments ... I get back home and pick up Tx and fly .. my NiMh have over 9hrs capacity and also charge stays there for months ... did I mention that they are only standard over-counter Grundig NiMH AA's of which a set of 8 is l;ess than $10 ?

no NiMH cells to cycle.
Oh Dear that tosh ... a Tx is a low power draw item and there is absolutely no requirement whatsoever to cycle NiMh cells for use in a Tx. You're good to go on day one.

I get about 10 hours out of the 2200 mAh pack and if I forget to charge it, I simply charge it at the field with my existing charging infrastructure in minutes and I'm good to go.
Based on above where you state you don't have to find wall charger ... .. no surprise that you then have to charge at field !! Just joking with you OK ...

Seriously - apart from you being able to charge in minutes against my longer lower charge rate, but lets be honest we are not charging from flat anyway ... there is absolutely no difference to my NiMH set-up apart from one major point ... My B6 charger can charge my NiMH via the built-in factory charge socket - no need to remove pack to charge. If you are charging your LiFe pack via factory provided socket in case at high rate .. you are courting disaster as it's not designed with it's diodes, charge circuitry etc. to suffer high amps ... 1A is usually a factory socket max.

I know the OP said LiPo, but I use LiFePO4 so I don't over-zap my expensive radio. Nothing wrong with Eneloops, but I use what works for me. YMMV.

Fine but your LiFe similar to LiPo has not shown any real advantage over my NiMh ... and I can replace my NiMh at local supermarket ... so even if a cell fails, I actually carry a fully charged spare set in my field box, I can nip to the supermarket nearest to flight site and pick up replacements ...

KISS ... that's my principle ...

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