Thread: Build Log Penut size rubber powered wing
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Originally Posted by draganbt View Post
Wonderful little model, Slabethman.

How does it behave once the rubber is wound out? It's usually a pain to freewheel rubber powered flying wings and get them gliding well.
As Stu mentioned, see the video.

This is primarily an indoor plane. So it doesn't have a freewheeling prop. Indoor planes are set up to land just as the rubber run out of winds. Or at least as close to it as possible. With peanuts there's always the problem of some rubber bunching up somewhere and doesn't fully unwind.

If you look at the video. When the plane starts descending it's not because it has run out of winds. Rather, it is because the remaining torque couldn't spin the prop fast enough to provide sufficient thrust for level flight.

For this plane. If it does run out of winds while still up there I suspect that it will either glide at a steep angle or spiral into a dive depending on weather the rubber bunches up in the nose or towards the tail making it nose or tail heavy.
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