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This is the thread for me, Ren!

This way I don't "spam" the main A5 forum...

I'll have my PKZ5880 real soon. I can buy it any time I like, I just want my CC billing cycles to "mesh" so I'll pull the handle near week's end, most likely.
I've got the part number for the BNF memorized - sure sign of addiction - so you know I'm a 'goner!' I could use an extra AR600 Rx that comes with this particular combo, and will resist the urge to swap the Power 10 and 40A ESC from my PZ T-28 in there. It seems like it's quite adequate with the 960kV 480 provided the prop is installed with the numbers in front. Lol!
LOVE that T-28, which is why I'm confident in the A5's (similar) performance.
And.....WATER too!!!

This plane will be my go-to everything plane, from all I've learned so far - and the way I like to fly.

We have some 'nappy' water here in DFW area too, but not so muddy.
Maybe a little paint in your case? I love this Z-foam! Easy to paint, CA, gorilla-glue, etc.

All I can think about is getting the A5!!!
I'm in uncharted terrain, here, with this hobby (been in it for about 3 years now).

CAVU, my friend, and keep the noisy bits in the back and right-side up!

If you come up with a de-stain solution (cleaning or painting) I'd like to hear about it.
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