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Originally Posted by v00d0o View Post
Well...I crashed... it flipped over hehe..

Carbon fiber tube arms aren't that great.

May have to grab some aluminum

Stupidly didn't film a video

No broken props.. I think the motors were so strong they just tore right through the arms. Which were carbon fiber.
It happened fast... but my dad said it was hovering then it just tumbled.


After further inspection, I'm positive that when I gave the motors more thrust...they ripped through the carbon fiber arms! Oh well.. Looks like I'm going to have to buy some aluminum arms

Here are some pics for your enjoyment

Looking at the pictures, I think you a right. Aluminum arms will work great and will be much stronger. Remember, when you get it going again, don't try to see how high it will go (see this all the time - major mistake). I have taught a lot of new pilots over the years and have a method that I can guarantee success if you will follow it. Go to a good size open space and draw a circle 12 - 15 feet in diameter. Place the quad in the middle and stand back 10 feet outside of the circle. Start the quad up in atti mode and bring it to a 3 - 4 foot high hover. Do not go higher than 6 feet. Keep the quad inside of the circle. If it starts to leave the circle, land it, pick it up and set back in the middle. DO NOT TRY TO FLY IT BACK INTO THE CIRCLE. When you can fly an entire battery pack and keep it into the circle, you can then make it bigger. NO GPS CHEATING FOR THIS. After enough practice, you should be able to hold a rock solid hover even in manual mode. There will always be time to fly high and long, but you will earn the most respect of other pilots with your ability to keep it under control.

Happy flying
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