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Originally Posted by cenracer1 View Post
I run the flysky GT3 radio in a couple of my cars (bashers not racers) and honestly its a great radio especially for the price. additional rx's are less than $10, has I think 10 channel model memory and enough functions to make your head spin. I have a couple of high end radio's that I use for racing and on my expensive stuff, but for a budget, these radios are great. Very long range and I have yet to experience a glitch.. they are a bit heavy with 8AA batteries and they do consume batteries faster than I'm used to, but other than that no complaints.
Yeah, I'm leaning towards the FlySky GT3. Even one of the guys building the offroad track last night said he thinks they're good radios but he said he uses Spektrum for racing. If FlySky is good like everyone says (and I seriously haven't heard any bad feed back yet) why don't they use them for racing? Is it pride? lol? Heck...I won't have any issues showing up to the track with cheap long as I can race and be competitive. There's even a new model (iT4) that includes all the Telemetry modules for $120!

Originally Posted by wparsons View Post
I prefer off road racing to on road, but it's a purely personal choice.

If you're on a TIGHT budget, off road (and broken parts) might not be in the cards for now, you'll need about $400-$500 to get into off road racing (figure 2-3 packs, good charger, vehicle, etc).
I do have an old RC10 Graphite that I'm willing to use and keep it stock for now. So I really only need to buy some more batteries and maybe a charger. I technically have everything now for onroad and offroad but it's all old and my onroad car is a pan car - lol .

I think I'll show up to some of these races and start asking around. The guys at the offroad track said they will have free practice nights for beginners, so I'll try that and then I'll get a better idea of what I'll need afterward. Then if I move up from stock, I can buy a brushless kit ($60) and I think I might buy the FlySky GT3B for $35. I know I can get cheaper chargers but I think I will put more money into the iCharger (since I can also use this on my planes).

Either way, I appreciate the feed back here and I'll probably have more questions but I'm gonna get to a track and see it how it goes.
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