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Originally Posted by earlwb View Post
I hadn't considered myself a collector as I intended to use all the engines I acquired over the years. But now I have so many engines, it is now very doubtful I will use them all. So I guess I can resign myself to being a collector too.

Worse was when I was intending to build a new ACE Littlest Stick again (I have done it several times already) I discovered that the engines and airplane kits are now selling for high prices. So I haven't broke open my last kit yet. I am reluctant to do so now. I might just scratch build one instead. I actually used a Mattel single channel radio for the first one I built. The second one used Pro-Line radio gear. The third one had Futaba gear. The first two used TD .010 engines and the third one used a PeeWee .020 with a RC throttle too. I still have the remains of the fuselage of a fourth one that had a .020 engine on it as well. They actually wore out from getting slowly fuel soaked over time and getting heavier and heavier from flying a lot. Being so light weight, they survived crashes really well. The TD .010 engines had to be set a touch on the rich side as they would lean out in the air. So the hand launch was always a bit hairy as the little tiny engine didn't quite have enough power then for takeoffs.

That's the irony of today's modelling, a box full of balsa costing more than a ready to fly airplane that, in some cases, is better built than what a large number of builders is able to turn out ! I bought a NIB Graupner Taxi Mk-1 kit but had to pay a lot of money for it so I decided to buy another NIB and that was even more expensive. Look at those Graupner prices on ebay Germany. Anybody got a Sig Morissey Bravo kit ? Only 30 made so I've heard.
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