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THIS is the least expensive option I know of for a "real" DLG of regulation size and performance. While not a competition winner at the highest level, it will launch much higher and range much farther than the smaller ones mentioned above (those are good planes and a lot of fun, but don't approach the performance of a true DLG).

DLGs are so expensive because they aren't like other production rc aircraft, made by the thousands in factories. Each DLG is a labor of love built in home shops and garages by their designers, one at a time by hand. Many hours of careful and skilled labor go into it. Also, high tech materials that are strong enough and light enough to make them perform properly are very expensive (carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc.). Same for tooling and molds. But the payback they give in pure enjoyment is worth every penny! As a bonus, they are nearly impossible to destroy (easy to damage but also easy to fix), and hold their value extremely well. You can recoup most of your cost when the time comes to sell. They are an "investment" that is well worth it.
All top the line competition Rc world class is expensive same with everything in this world.
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