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banging head on wall
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That is one of the heads I have had no problems phasing it. Are your blade grip links leading or following the grip balls should be leading the grip. I remember I fought phasing on a head till I realized I had the blade grips following instead of leading. Also the lock can be moved up or down if that can give you more clearance mine is centered in the travel range of the swash. I set my swash before I phase at mid stick. Level the swash and set pitch close to 0*. I use a hex driver that drops into a blade grip bolt hole that fits with little slop and I look from the side and adjust links till I have the hex driver lined striaght up and down up with the main shaft this gets all the blades close to 0* at mid stick and then go back and readjust pitch as needed after phasing. I not home with my birds but if you haven't got it set up yet I can post a close up picture so you can see the phasing position of my setup in a couple of days when I get home if that would help.
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