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Originally Posted by UAV.APM View Post
Hi guys, I've only flown my Swift for about 2 hours and already my ailerons have broken from the constant movement. They were very thin from the offset but I was expecting it to last a little longer then only 2 hours flight time.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a stronger wing setup that wont just fall apart on me? I was thinking more of a surf board type material if such a thing exists?
Some people cut them off from new as they do not like the foam hinge and tape them on.

I just use wide fiberglass tape on top and bottom of the wing on most of my bigger planes. Lost_Dawg just mentioned he uses Blenderm tape which is lighter and you can hardly notice it on the wing. On the mini wings like MiniSwift the fiberglass tape is too heavy so I use Blenderm tape. now sell Blenderm tape as it is expensive from the chemist.

When taping the underside of the wing you must put the elevon up fully before you put the tape on and when doing the top have the elevon down as far as possible. HK have different sizes of fiberglass tape. Here is a 24mm one. I use the 50mm on elevons.but could go a bit smaller. Some use the narrow one and just put three strips to hold on the elevon but I go full length.

I also just worked out if the tape does not stick spray on contact adhesive on the foam and if you put the tape on when the contact is still wet, it is very hard to get off which is good.
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