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Good to hear from you again, it was the success of your project that really got me thinking about what should or should not be allowed. The purpose of this thread is to try to ascertain if there is a consensus on what technology should be allowed.

As of now it seems the consensus is to limit the technology to telemetry only. The rules however should not be set in stone. As the technology advances and gets cheaper and easier to use the consensus may well shift to allowing more. We really do not want to discourage anyone from participating. In fact we need to do everything we can to get more people flying XC. Some think allowing more tech will attract more people while I have heard others argue that more tech will discourage new comers by adding cost and complexity. The one thing for sure is there will be more and more tech stuff available at a cheaper and cheaper cost and it will eventually find its way into our sport.

It would be great to have you fly again at Cal Valley, I would even set up special class for "Techno Geeks " in which all tech gadgets are allowed!

John E
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