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Ok, piggy finally got his package.

It was ordered on the 12th and dispatched the same day so no probs there.
Then it arrived at my door on the 21st, which was ok except that it wasn't my door.
AP stuffed up as per usual. After chasing around for a week I finally located it myself with no help from them.
Package arrived with only slight corner damage as you'd expect. A couple of sheets suffered as result but nothing too bad and they are make up sheets anyway.

Anyway....impressions.... I like it

It's much like depron to look at and has similar stiffness, however it is much easier to bend without cracking or breaking.
I reckon you could easily shape an airfoil or whatever.

Cuts well with less resistance to the blade. I tried it with a dull blade and there was no tearing, however a depron sample did tear.

It is also better to sand, being quicker and with less furies.

The sheets are a little wavy but not too bad and there is no skin like depron has on one side.

So at about half the price of depron and being a lot easier to work with I'd say this stuff is worth considering. If only AP were more reliable

I'll start on a project soon and report back on how it goes.
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