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I'm a huge hot glue fan. It's cheap, it's quick, it's easy, and it holds great.

From my own experience, and that of my brother in law, I'd actually recommend against the gorilla glue for structural joints. Yes, it fills in the holes really well, so I use it for the shock cord, or for patching breaks and tears, but it also lacks the flex of hot glue or goop, and even gets brittle after a while. It'll hold in flight, but is more likely to crack apart in a collision, compared to other glues with more flex. When my bro in law finally cracked his reaper in half ( and that took some doing!) it was clear that the gorilla glue was already brittle and was the exact breaking point.

Goop is great stuff, but the drying time and messiness have always kept me from trying it on gluing wing halves together. I use it for hinging flaps on the Albatross or pelican, and then smear it on the leading edge of those planes' wings for protection, but I've never tried it on any flying wings.

I love that hot glue is done in a couple seconds, and has never given me any problems. A few people comment on the added weight, compared to gg, but I've built all my wings with hot glue, and have come in under the recommended weight on all of them.
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