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Let the Second Build Begin!

Ill add the Pics for now and then Add details soon...

Reinforcing the Wing area...
I started by cutting a tiny groove around the wing area and under the body, Then I cut open the Motor area to install the 55A Turnigy Trust ESC and cut a air scoop hole. I then reglued the halves together, wrapped 3 strands of paracord strings (the inside of paracord) into the grove, and then soaked in gorilla glue. After that It got covered in Fiber tape, A light coat of Epoxy, and then 3mil vinyl.
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Fixing wiring...
The wings have two servos already, and then when you add wiring for lights it would be a mess to connect at the field (and its too big to keep in one piece) So I used 6 position Latching Connectors From TE electric to connect all servos and light controls.
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Making it shiny... without LED's
The Decals were cut from 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 580 E and 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material - SOLAS which has parts covered in red permanent marker.
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Bringing some Light to the Project...
I ran some wiring out to the tail, wingtips, and Flood lights for plenty of lighting. The LED Strips are (RED) (BLUE) (GREEN) And the 3W White LED's are found at Home Depot and are Philips 2.5-Watt T3 LED (you can also see here that I moved the Servos To the tail since the stock Push rods are so terrible.)
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Getting Ready for FPV!
The Pod was hand built from 1mm CF from Hobbyking and uses two Servos a turnigy 180degree and a Turnigy MG90S. The Cameras are two PZ0420's One with the Stock 3.6mm lens and the other with a 25mm MTV Lens that will be a Zoom.
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