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H ya Geoff. Man made man can fix it. C'mon, you can do it.

I can recall Roy having a plain white Polyspan covered Playboy Snr. a while back, with a Mc.49 in it......or is this it?.....or are there two?????

I often thought a glo Mc.60 in a FF one would be fantastic......if you could trim it of course????

FWIW a bit before Christmas I pulled the Fox out of mine where it's been since 1995, and put a K&B Greenhead Torp.35 into it to give it more grunt for the Vintage Power at the Nats.......kept the thrust line very carefully the same and added a few grams of lead in the very rear to keep the CG where it is at 60%.

Had no chance to give it a fly before the Nats, and of course you would have heard about the wind and the heat in Narrendera so again it never got flown there.

I did fire up the engine though, and on a 10X5 APC it makes a Hell of a lot of noise, and with the exhaust being on the left side as opposed to the Fox on the right side, the exhaust was blowing in my face big time......could be rather exciting on launch.
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