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Originally Posted by Nickerz View Post
Thanks for those links! If I wanted to buy used equipment and piece all my stuff together, what radio would be a good investment that I can grow into? What should I be willing to spend the most money on? Car, radio, etc.? I was thinking maybe the radio since it can be used from car to car, no? I take good care of my stuff, so I would keep it a long time and then maybe upgrade the motor, battery to brushless later when I can afford it.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Good advise above^^^^^^^^^^^^^

As far as a radio to grow with I would look at a good 3 channel sport radio with some model memory. I recommend what I own now or have owned in the past.

Futaba, Airtronics, Hitec, all make great radios for a budget. Spektrum makes some great radios. I don't own one a lot of my friends do. I would buy on if I needed it.

What should you spend most of your money on that is a hard one. It is going to be a balancing act. You need money for a good car. But you need a good radio.Now you need a battery and a charger. Don't forget about the ESC and motor. It can be done but you might have to a little leg work.

This is true in any hobby. There is always someone get out of the hobby when you want to get in. Find that person and buy their stuff.
Check at the local track some one will be bound to selling a car.
Ebay make sure they have very good feedback.
We have a classified section here on the forum. Check their feedback before you buy

You need a good car that is first you can always save a few bucks on an radio and hobby king batteries are priced good. A good charger is going to be pricey but a good one will serve you for a long time. If you buy a used charger be extra careful I have never bought a used one always new.

A brushed ESC and Motor will be the cheapest way for you to go.Again be careful. I bought a used brushless system for a great price but it was from a very trusted source. I don't know how good the hobby king stuff is it seems like people have some luck with it.

Check some completed listings on ebay of a TT01 chassis maybe a Associated TC3. You can see how much they are going for. You can still get parts for both of theses cars.

Good luck keep us posted on your progress
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