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Originally Posted by nadine View Post
Hi guys,
sorry if i ask...
What could possibile hapened if ,somehow with the help of electronic switch,to disconnect the pin from the kkv1 -168ap board,after hovering or even in line with servo slower,at the 3 gyro on the board!?It will be throtlle controll at the motors?
I'ts a stupid question!?
When I was working with the KK2 I noticed that setting both the P and I to zero not only turned off all stability but also turned off any mixing from roll pitch and yaw. In other words, throttle was the only thing controlling the motors. That suggests a simple point of attack for any code modification to support forward flight mode.

I see the KK1 board has 3 pots which I assume control the gain on roll pitch and yaw. If they work like the pots on the Guardian, the center position is zero gain and the extreme in either direction is maximum gain in either polarity (stabalizing or de-stabalizing). If that is true, then a possible hardward hack would be to force the pot wipers to a mid voltage between power and ground. That assumes that one end of the pot is connected to power, and the other to ground. I don't think a hardware hack is the best solution, but it might work for you.
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