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If a Cg is set anywhere but the neutral point, will the have only ONE set speed when hands off?

What I mean is that if I give some elevator input on a plane that is slightly positive, won't it eventually return to the speed set during setup?

If you want to go faster/slower, you need to HOLD some quantity of elevator input from the sticks on non neutral Cg set plane. True?

If the Cg is at the neutral point, once the sticks are released, the plane will continue on that pitch until something disturbs it. True?

1. is it the magnitude of the pitch change the changes with Cg or what is it that idictates a plane indicates lift well? Is it the rate of indication, a more neutral plane will react faster to lift while a more positive will be slower?

2.Is performance then the combination of fast response to input AND fast, large response to variations in air (turbulence, lift, sink) ?

3. Is there any effect on L/D or min sink when performance increases or can it decrease because of pilot workload?

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