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owSilProg goes Bluetooth

Hey folks,

finally, programming and flashing Silabs ESC works also wireless via Bluetooth.

My first efforts some months back didn't had been succesful ( Anyhow, few weeks ago I went back to this seriously, but kind of the first thing I did was to kill my bluetooth module... so, I ordered a new one which came yesterday, and then things went surprisingly simple. I didn't had to do much, the latest versions of owSilProg and BLHeliTool are perfectly capable of also handling the communication via bluetooth!

(I guess an important point in the game is also that in the meantime I switched from Win XP to Win 7, and Win 7 does handle BT a bit differently, and in our case to our advantage; the bottomline is that I don't know if it's working on XP)

Attached below you'll find a picture of my first working test setup. I'll used an Arduino Pro Min (3.3V/8MHz), since the bluetooth module didn't wanted to "override" the signals from the USB-serial adapters on normal Arduino boards (a driver might do it though). For the BT I used the bluetooth-serial module everyone is using for this purpose. Especially I got the JY-MCU with voltage regulator
(possible sources:,

The installation at the moment has to follow some steps, but you can count on that I will work on simplifying it.

1) Installation of BT module on Win7
follow exactly this description here (up to the point there teraterm is involved):

2) Test proper communication between PC and Bluetooth device
for that the BT module is powered, and the Rx and Tx pins are connected, such that any transmitted character is "reflected back". The communicationis doen using a terminal program. For some reasons I don't understand I couldn't use the BrayTerminal, which I packed into the owSilPorg package. Use an other terminal program (e.g. TeraTerm, HTerm,...). I used puttytel.exe (is just an .exe file, doesn't need any installation), which I got from here: The test itself is then done as described here: (it shows it for putty, but I used puttytel, which has exactly the same dialog).

3) Configure Bluetooth device
for that the BT module is connected via a standard USB-serial adapter to the PC. You need again a terminal program. This time Bray's Terminal worked perfectly, so I used it. You have to configure teh BT module by sending various AT commands (for the AT commands see e.g.
- set Baudrate 9600, 8,1,N
- send AT -> recieve OK
- send AT+VERSION -> recieve OKlinvorV1.5
- send AT+BAUD6 -> recieve OK38400
- switch to Baudrate 38400 - send AT -> recieve OK

4) Finish BT-owSilProg programmer connect the Arduino Pro Mini to the PC using an USB-serial adapter, and flash the appropriate owsilprog hex file into the Arduino Pro Mini. You can use AvrBurnTool for that, with the settings 'Arduino general', 'Arduino @ 57600bps', COM port as approriate, and 'ATmega328p'

5) Connect BT module and Arduino Pro Mini and enjoy all owSilProg/BLHeliTool features wirelessly...

Have fun, Olli
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