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What plane? What scale?

I would think you could simply lathe it from a rubber stopper (or hard foam rubber). Just run a shaft through the piece to be lathed and chuck it in your drill, then use a Dremel to cut the profile while the piece is spinning on the drill. It might require and extra pair of hands or a vise to hold your drill steady, but it's a quick way to make your parts without the time and expense of making molds.

Just looking through your blog, another thing you could do... and it's REALLY could just get the correct size spring and shrink-tube over it. Some shrink-tubing is hard when shrunk, and there are other types that remain flexible.

From what I can tell in the original drawing, those shocks have an external spring with a dust-boot over them. The boot appears to have a helical shape rather than an accordion "dust gator" like some motorcycles--which have the springs on the inside. Or am I reading that wrong? Maybe the shadows and the image being at an angle are throwing me off?


Nevermind. Looking at this photo, I can see that there is no spring... it's just a typical accordion boot. And in other photos, I notice than most of the He-111's were missing the boot... they probably dry-rotted off and never got replaced.

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