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Originally Posted by dumb_thumbs View Post
Here is my first attempt. Sad to say, but it did not really fly at all . I think it is just too heavy at 46g all up weight. It tries to take off when I give it full throttle, but I don't think there is enough power to keep it level and straight. It spins off and dives to one side. I'm using the 7mm motors with the short 1mm shaft, so I think they have enough power. Also, I'm using a 600Mah single cell battery. You can't tell from the pictures, but under the foam is a basswood stick frame, that is where the weight is coming from. I'll make another frame here soon that's much lighter.

Does it dive in the direction on the orange blades?

I could be wrong but it looks like you orange blades are in the wrong position so it's pushing down on that side, leave the black blades as they are and try and swap the orange blades with each other.

Swap your two orange bladed motors (do not take blades off orange motors).
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Blades and motors should be diagonal pairs, see below...Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1359395074.938738.jpg
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See my black and white motors are diagonal from each other and your are on the same side (rear)?

Look at the angle of my X4 blades and the arrows on the V929 PCB.
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Along the centre line of the craft the inner blade edges of the left/right motors should be the same angle (look at how the light is shining on my blades).

Your flying weight is a little a little heavy but it should take off, my X4 flew for 5 mins at this weightName: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1359395418.692113.jpg
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Hubsan X4 Quad with onboard 808 #8 FPV (5 min 21 sec)

Swap your orange blades motors and your good to go, happy flying dude!
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