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Wingmaster can be used to design airfoils and wings.

Dereck you may have forgotten about the old Model Cad and Wingmaster programs, in which case you may be interested in the following.

Wingmaster, is a an old program for Designing Airfoils.
It will export to a CAD program.

Wingmaster can be used to design airfoils and wings. To Design a NACA airfoil, select the Airfoil Design menu, and choose NACA 6-Series, NACA 5-digit, or NACA 4-digit airfoil. You can then enter the NACA number, or the thickness and camber parameters. These values can be entered, or you can use the scroll bar to change the value. As you change values, the changes are reflected in the airfoil.

Be aware that Wingmaster performs no aerodynamic analysis. It is possible to design an airfoil with very bad flight characteristics. When you test a new airfoil, be careful!

The Independent option lets you set the parameters for the top and the bottom of the airfoil independently. If the "Independent" option is not checked, a change to the top or bottom of the airfoil will be reflected in both the top and bottom.

The Grid option displays a grid over the airfoil. The grid is spaced in tenths of the root chord.

You can also edit an airfoil, scaling the thickness and camber up or down. This can be done by selecting Edit Airfoil under the Edit menu. NACA airfoils and airfoils loaded from disk can be modified in this manner.

There are three airfoils on the main Wingmaster screen -- the Root, the Tip, and the Current airfoil. When you design a NACA airfoil or load an airfoil from disk, it normally becomes the current airfoil. This airfoil can be moved to the root or tip position by clicking on an arrow button. You can also edit or design an airfoil by double-clicking on one of the airfoil picture boxes.
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