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Well this morning there was a bit of a breeze, not enough to stop folks from flying. But, for a maiden on a plane that no one in our club knew anything about? Sure, why not. Our club President is a well seasoned veteran and I asked him to give it a go. He took off and asked for some up trim, about 5 clicks on my DX8. Handed me the radio and said it is a bit sensitive but I had it set up just fine. I had ailerons, rudder, and elevator at 50% with 30 expo on low rate. I thought it was fine except maybe a bit more expo, so I landed it and dialed the low rate to 40% and 40 expo. BTW ....... that 1st landing was a greaser! Easy, easy plane to land, if you are not afraid of a bit of speed. Took off and finished that battery just easy flying to get a feel for it. That landing was perfect also. 2nd battery, takeoff was easy and smooth with a bit of rudder until it was up to speed. Nice, gentle, climb out. Did a short inverted and found it nearly flat, just a bit of elevator needed. Roll rate, on my low rates, is slow but smooth. Reverse half Cuban was smooth and easy. Immelman (Sp?) was beautiful and rock solid. Forgot to try vertical, and did not spin it. Why, you ask? Dunno, just enjoyed the way it flew and was having fun with basic stuff and feeling it out. 3rd landing was a thing of beauty also. Good thing, since about 20 club members were watching all of my landings ... new plane you know! Our field is SMOOOOTH grass and the grass is just long enough to give a bit of cushion.

So, IMHO, this is one fine plane .... for the money it can't be beat. It does not "feel" like my 3DHS balsa planes, but it feels pretty darned good. It is faster than my friends Peaks biplane (he was there and we flew together) and needs more speed on landing. Pretty sure it is because the whole airframe is cleaner and has less drag than biplanes usually have. Probably not the plane for a newer flyer, but if you can fly a fairly fast taildragger, you would love this plane.

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