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Hi N,
With the way the LB V1 is coded/mixed, you have to input the rudder you want then release the rudder and bank for the extremely tight turns. You can turn on a dime when you get this correct. It is a bit different from the others but it does work. Maxing out the rudder/yaw D/R as you did to 125% the and increasing the rudder/yaw expo for increased stick sensitivity. For all note that the values for the Walkera Tx are JR style vs Futaba(they made that different to confuse us eh?...), so expo must be in the (-) range so (-70) or more if necessary for increased stick sensitivity. Increase your aileron D/R and expo to suit your flying control feel and style too. You can also try this in the 3d mode(green LED) with less accelerometer self-leveling. It will hold the angle you set after more than 30 degrees or so is input. If any less then it will try to self-level albeit slower than the normal self-level mode(red LED).
Hope that helps,
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So I fired up my V1 last weekend.
Haven't flown it for quite some time as I have been busy with the V929/949.

Anyway, I still could not get it to do banking turns coz of the stupid rudder/aileron mixing. I have a 1.0 FCB btw.

I am flying with a Devo 7 TX on 6-axis mode. Settings are pretty standard with rudder travel at maximum, 125% D/R and -20 expo.

What I do is to fly forward, then attempt to do a banking turn by simultaneously applying rudder+aileron. This method works very well with the V929/949 but for the life of me, I can't do it on the LB V1.

How much rudder vs. aileron should I apply? Is it like 50% rudder and 25% aileron?

Tips anyone?
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