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Some questions recieved me by PM but i think the answer could be interresting for others looking at the EVO:

Hey found your video on youtube aswell linked to evo thread..

I am thinking about buying evo gimbal and curious did you get it perfectly dialed in? And if yes or eaven 95% what servos and what gimbal controller? Would be awesome to see some on flight footage raw.

How much is the max width of camera? thinking about GH2.

Do you think it should have potentiometer asswell on roll axis?
Puh, thats not easy to answer.

First, sorry no flight videos. The EVO has gone to my development department . We try to find the best Servo configuration.
The Servo could be as fast as posible but in fact that theres a potentiometer involved it is then a little slower as roll.
Where now testing with a 1/1 drive but this takes time.

the Gimbal it selve is when you look at the price one of the best ive ever seen and believe me ive had a lot.
Dont know the exakt meshuring but with two 16mm tubes you can expand where ever you whant. Thats by far one of the greatest benefits of the EVO.

By looking for a good Servo youre first interrest should be that it has nearly no slope /play in gears.
MKS does a great job here and also some HiTec.

Shure a potentiometer on roll could help bringing both axis at same speed but does it help?
I had best results when diled in with the AutoQuad Flight control.
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