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Did you check the FAQ already?
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Originally Posted by darynxbcoupe View Post
If i could find it in there I wouldnt be asking would I
This is the second time ive had a sarcastic comment from you bud
Nothing personal, sorry if my reply offended you. But lately there have been quite a few members asking things that are in the manual or could have been found with 10 seconds of searching on Google. Quite often the manual is the last place people look for information. Clearly you are different, but I hope you understand there was no sarcasm intended with my posting. Just for the record, this is the "sarcasm-smilie" and not this one

Edit: 10 seconds on Google does yield the info you want. Second link on Google refers to a page about the MT4 G3, then click on "specs" and you got it. For your convenience, here is the direct link:

So perhaps it would be smart to next time do a little more searching, instead of getting on your toes when someone tries to help you find the answer yourself. I've been taught, "you can give someone a fish, and he will have a meal for that day. But if you teach him how to catch fish, he will have a meal everyday, and not be dependent on someone else, when it's not needed to."

If you want to know how I did the search, click here:
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