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Originally Posted by ARUP View Post
That B.O.T. is neat!
Thanks! I built it over 3 months
Originally Posted by Fly Wheel View Post
And Rattlesnake, that delta is one sweet looking plane (I like the motor position)! I don't see any rudders though, does it use differential thrust to turn?
Thanks! Its a scratch design and build by me.
Good guess, no rudders and Differential throttle.

I designed it to fly High Alpha hover Vertically.
Delta was chosen as they naturally do high alpha well.

The foil is the same thickness the entire wing, this means that the leading edge near the nose is sharper and stalls before the wing tip.

The motors were put infront of the wing so that there is always air flowing
over the wing tip, meaning the wing tip should never stall.

All these ideas must work as it simply doesn't tip stall.

The Motor / Elevon position also means that is has thrust vectoring.
Essential for hovering and great for high alpha.

The props are counter rotating ans installed in a way that goes against
the direction that tip vorticies flow.

Lastly the wingtips go above and below the wing greatly reducing bad tip

The vertical surfaces were designed like that ( Even amount above and below)
to enable it to be put on its end and take off vertically.
I had origionally intended to land vertically too but that needed a good stabaliser.
I tried the Guardian 2d/3d but they are garbage.
The Orange 3ch gyro is much better, I just need some good weather so I
can adjust the gains a bit more.
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