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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
You're correct on the 11.1 volt, less amps with more volts. Also, the motor runs faster. Look on my blog on the F45 page. 2 charts showing the results. The only thing I did not include is the amp draw as it would have made the 20 minute program into days of work.
The brushless conversion for the tail is more complicated. There is no signal other than directly on the board. Moki managed to locate the signal and soldered directly to to outputs on the board. Otherwise, you need a signal converter and the extreme version does not have the right thresh hold to work properly with our boards voltage output. There was a similar problem with 2 Walkera helis, the MasterCP and the V400D02. They are both flybarless, both use the same motor, and similar RXs, but the outputs to the tail are different requiring different signal converters. I really feel when going to all the trouble to convert the main and tail motor to brushless, a new RX, a 10.00 gyro, and a good TX complete the modification. You can get many programable TX/RX combinations for less than 100.00.
The skids I got are from Any Align compatible skid will do. Just need to drill new 3.16 inch holes to mount the skids over the original pins for mount the stock skids and you need 2 washers to go over the screws on the from skid. The rear has the stabilizer arms going under the skid so washers not required there.
i was refering to how the aliexpress esc gets its signal from the main motor drive connector, not the throttle servo port. Seems to me that a BL esc for the tail motor could be of the same design and solve the BL tailfeathers issue. Just food for thought.
Finally woke up enough to peek outside for a 'wee run'... the bloody wind is outta the north @ 10 mph on the north bld, 200 feet south, the wind is outta the south @ 10 mph... Can you say 'turbulence'. me thinks some indoor time is indicated lol
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