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One of the reasons for the chute where it normally is, is to actually help get the ring off the hook.

When done properly, zip starting, high tension competition winch launches and F3J launches could easily do without the chute completely. Other than helping to blow the line a little closer thus shortening the retrieve walk, and providing a bright color in the field to assist in locating the line, the chute has nothing to do with the line release.

A properly executed high tension zoom style launch maintains as much line tension as possible, utilizing the highly loaded line to snap release at the moment of highest wing loading as the plane rotates towards a vertical flight path. More tension=higher launch. The parachute is just along for the ride in this system.

If you muck up the timing however and dive too deep into the bucket, the tension is released and the line becomes slack. Now the chute can open and pull the line off the tow hook at just the opportune moment for the tail to fly right into the chute and tangle. So if you are using a chute in a zoom style type of launch, a small one is better than a big one
Hi Mark, how are you doing. I didn't realize you had responded when I post my reply. I agree completely with you. For our purposes the chute is just there to shortened a few steps to retrieve and makes it easier to see the end. It can also help tell you if there is a slight bit of tension on the line at release with a "pop" sound of the chute opening.
I know what you mean by moving it out of the way for grasping the fuse to launch. On my histarts with high tension (at least 40lbs of tension), I hook the chute like how they do in F3B so it literally dangles behind the hook and the chute/line joint with a loop is where the tow-hook attaches to. Of course there is some risk to this method of ours as with a lot of tension, I know I can't always get my throwing hand down to the stick fast enough... and usually that's where the tension left on the histart is trying to pull the plane down and I can end up over-running the chute if over diving.
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