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So I fired up my V1 last weekend.
Haven't flown it for quite some time as I have been busy with the V929/949.

Anyway, I still could not get it to do banking turns coz of the stupid rudder/aileron mixing. I have a 1.0 FCB btw.

I am flying with a Devo 7 TX on 6-axis mode. Settings are pretty standard with rudder travel at maximum, 125% D/R and -20 expo.

What I do is to fly forward, then attempt to do a banking turn by simultaneously applying rudder+aileron. This method works very well with the V929/949 but for the life of me, I can't do it on the LB V1.

How much rudder vs. aileron should I apply? Is it like 50% rudder and 25% aileron?

Tips anyone?
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