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Originally Posted by Sky_Captain View Post
So.... I'm guessing it will fly fine on the stock prop with 3s lipo. Makes sense since its propped out of the box to withstand 4s.
Sure you wont damage anything but your rpm will be down, hence airspeed so you got to ask yourself will it pull along well enough to keep it from loosing altitude? Will probably fly but...Small wing area high wing loading, poor glide ratio, so it sinks, that prop is important to keep it up, including the pitch speed, hence fast plane, that is the idea isn't it?

We flew last night, my friend with the moray, with what we think now is a bent alloy prop adaptor for the ntm motor, so he could only cruise around or would get bad vibration, ( only one flight) so was on the elevator all the time cos it would sink at low airspeed.

I think the best flying plane I have seen here is the 6s version of olllians. Question is what is his props rpm? Up over 20,000?

Speed depends on pitch speed, and drag, doesn't really matter how you get there so long as the prop speed is up and the drag is down.
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