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I use krylon fusion. After removing decals, you already have a white base to work with. I clean with rubbing alcohol, and mask off 2 stripes on the wings and spray paint. Have done this with a few edf's and works good. Good visibilty.

As for the cg, push the 1800 pack against the foam ledge towards the nose, it's that simple. The cg will be near the REAR of the finger holes. Plus, you still have 10mm fore or aft, it doesn't have to be perfect. The CG as listed in the maual is a little too foreward. Full throttle into the wind and it will fly. Get some altitude and trim. Mine needed 2 clicks of up.

And you're rates sound good but perhaps elevator on low rates should also be 50%. Add a little expo too, like 35%, to soften things up. You can launch on low rates with no problems. After around 45 flights, I still have my ailerons set at 50% travel. At 100%, the roll rate borders on violent. It looks funny to, not very scale. You start to wonder how the lipo doesn't fly out of the fuse when rolling.

Here's a couple of photos with some different mods too.

Good luck and let us know how the maiden goes.

You are correct to correct me, sorry.

I posted incorrectly, it would be the other way around. The cg is too far FORWARD as per the manual. I found one of my previous posts to help clarify. Thanks for the catch.
The photos are on page 141. The finger hole really helped me launch.

supercollider is online now Find More Posts by supercollider
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