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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
Actually, several tried the direct drive extreme and eflight brushed motors and reported they did not work as good as the stock motor. They where both designed to run on 11 volts and it appears on 7.4, they are not fast enough.
Me thinks a ESC/BL thats built like the kit thats available through aliexpress would be the solution.(of course scaled down) It uses the on board esc to generate the control signal, needing no signal converter. I like the KISS method. Is my long-term hope to get one of them for my 'wild '45 project'
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correct me if i am wrong, a motor operating on 11v would draw less current as the same motor doing the same work @ 7.2v... AND if the ESC FET can take the voltage, shouldnt the ESC actually run cooler... as it only has to handle 66% of the current that is drawn @ 7.2 (all leading up to this) the tail esc only switches ground, why cant it be fed from the 11 volt rail? Another reason I was going with the kit is that it is 7.2v, negating the need for more batteries, a spendy charger and so on and so forth
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