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Thanks chap... I will keep flying this one, maybe do like you suggest and just look for another rotor... I like the heli fine, I just don't like it when parts appear to be designed to cause problems, and then you wonder what the designers were thinking when they made it... unless I am totally missing something here. The linkages make no sense being forced to extend at an angle to the shaft though. that dissipates the extend to which the blade can be turned. So yeah, maybe shop around for a diff rotor or just go back to the stock plastic part I think I may try that first... I am learning about this heli, it is simple and yet actually flies quite well. As long as I don't aim for a tree limb haha

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IMHO, I don't think you need a new heli. I think you need a good quality lower rotor. I hope my peers don't blow me out of the water on this but, I own the Esky Lama V4. It's very much like the CX2. Many of the parts are interchangeable. Many parts on my V4 are Skytec and I'm extremely pleased with them all. IMHO, worth every penny.

Maybe someone can comment on the CX2 Skytec lower rotor (or other parts):

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