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Originally Posted by SimpsonJ View Post
Hey Alpha1actual, I think we both use EZosd?
Can you help me out a bit if so?

What does the information on the right of the RSSI mean?
There is a picture of an antenna that displays 100 most of the time. Is that the signal reception or do I watch the RSSI value?
Then there is a number in the middle with the word "bad"?

I can't figure out what my RC signal reception really is... how does it look?
Sure. From left to right, there's RSSI1, RSSI2, Bad Packets, and Link Quality. The RSSI fields represent signal strength of each antenna (2) in the diversity setup. Lower values = better signal. Bad packets represent packets that are unusable by the system (lower the better, it's not uncommon to see this value at 1 or 2, especially after an arc when connecting deans connectors. Link Quality represents the overall quality of the link budget. Ideally you want this value to be close to 100 at all times (higher is better). When link quality begins to dip down, it's time to turn around. Monitor the RSSI of each antenna, and you will notice that as RSSI values get too high (weaker signal), the link quality will begin to drop. There are occasions where the RSSI won't initially increase much but link quality will drop fast. This will happen if you momentarily break line of sight between you and your aircraft, for example if you fly behind a building, structure, cliff, etc. UHF is strong and will punch through or around many objects at mild distances, but you need to maintain line of sight at all times. Imagine a laser beam between you and your plane, even at 10 miles, the beam must have a direct path to the plane. Two observations from your video: What antennas are you currently using on your uhf tx and rx? Your RSSI values are high for the distance you're flying. What antennas and video frequency are you using for your video link? Great initial flights man, with a little tweaking these issues can be easily sorted.
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