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Originally Posted by scottheli View Post
Arrowshooter, you are correct about the tail. I still could not make it happen because the E-Flite motor shaft is thicker. F45 gear will not go on it without drilling it out.(PITA) Then I tried the DD way but the E-Flite SR tail blade that fits is way shorter than F45 so I could not adapt F45 blade to it, so I blew it off. This morning I looked on and found a tail motor they advertise for F45. It looks longer, like the E Flite, except it has the pinion gear on it so just install. The picture does not show the plug to the pcb so I e-mailed to find out. Anybody know about it already please post. Meantime, I still have not read that someone had tried a DD Tail on F45 successfully, and I was wondering about the Xtreme DD Tail. It fits the E SKY tailboom because they advertise it for it. Tail boom size is the key without adaptations. Anyways, I'm still down waiting on parts from banggood on the 21st, so probably by Friday I should see a whole tail unit, and I'll still mod the other one. I kind of want the V922 to learn collective, and not have to go to the field every time I fly, so peace to all here and my flying awaits. ScottHeli
ScottHeli, I think there was someone that did try that direct drive tail kit with a brushed motor and made it work with the F45. Just need to adapt the adapter to the boom. I am fond of using scotch tape and shrink tubing for that task. You can also find a prop adapter, or even the appropriate rotor to fit what you have now.

Now for the down side. You are still using a brushed motor that will have marginally better life that the stock motor, if any. This is why others are working on perfecting the brushless tail mod. I was doing the same thing, opting to use a 12mm inrunner that bolts in the place of the stock motor, but went the F45/450 route instead because the electronics difficulties of the brushless mod are beyond me.
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