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Originally Posted by PalouseFlyer View Post
Well, for whatever reason, the spines that stick out (they extend into the middle of a slot on the servo links to the ball joints on the blades) are at an angle to the the blades. Not straight up and down. This is a metal (aluminum) swashplate and it is in 2 pieces, and a slot in the upper half slides over the allen screws on the lower half. And this forces the spines - and hence the ball links are at an angle to the swashplate. I can't figure it out, I have been monkeying with this thing all day and it makes no sense. I am tempted to track down the original plastic stock swash and trash this aftermarket one. The weird thing is, it was flying pretty nice up until it hit a tree branch snapping off the ends of both lower blades... nothing else damaged that I could see... I buy new lower blades... put them on... and I can't even get the heli to hover at all without the thing heading off in some weird direction, and no aieron control at all to speak of. It is whacked up for sure. I will try to rebuild the whole swash I think and try to get it back to stock. Ugh.
Pay attention to #6 in this document. You may have to remove the aluminum lower rotor hub from the shaft to check it out. The lower part of the hub has a "u" shape which must be lined up correctly to keep the anti-rotation pins perpendicular to the blades.
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