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jackerbes and C4H10, thank you both very much for your helpful replies. The winding pattern which I used is that shown on, (AabBCcaABbcC) connected in delta . Off load it was drawing about 0.6 amps. As to revs, at the moment my rev counter is u/s, (PP9 battery flat). Last night however I spun the motor up on an electric drill and measured the output voltage across the phases. Two phases were about equal but the third phase was about 30% down. I am going to tear down the wind this afternoon and check the winding as it comes off. I am a bit reluctant to haul the wire very sharply over the stator edges in case of shorting to stator. I may therefore round off the top and bottom stator edges a little and give it a thin coat of epoxy to protect the wire as it rounds the corners. Anyway, thank you both again for your advice. I'll get peeling my wire this afternoon.

Edited :- As I suspected, bum winding, I had wound the last two poles of phase No3 both anticlockwise. Ah well, like Robert the Bruce's spider, try, try again!!!
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